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Information Technology (IT) Acceptable Use Policy

ABAC IT resources must be used in accordance with applicable licenses and contracts, and according to their intended use in support of the College’s mission.

All users must comply with federal, state, and local laws, as well as University System of Georgia and ABAC policies, when using ABAC IT resources.

 Acceptable Use

Employees and Student Employees

With the exception of incidental personal use, as defined below, ABAC IT resources must be used only to conduct the legitimate business of the College (e.g. scholarly activity, academic instruction, research, learning, business operations).

 Incidental personal use of ABAC IT resources by College employees is permitted if the personal use does not interfere with the execution of job duties, does not incur cost on behalf of the College, and is not unacceptable as defined in the Unacceptable Use section below.


ABAC students may use ABAC’s networks for recreational and personal purposes to the extent that such use is not unacceptable as defined in the Unacceptable Use section below and does not adversely affect network service performance for other users engaged in academic, research, or official business activities.

 Unacceptable Use

ABAC employees, including students acting as employees, are prohibited from the following actions when using ABAC IT resources:

  • Unauthorized use of IT resources for commercial purposes or personal gain

  • Transmitting unapproved commercial or personal advertisements, solicitations, or promotions

 All users are prohibited from using ABAC IT resources in a manner which results in a violation of law or policy or potentially adversely affects network service performance. Examples of unacceptable use include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Activities that violates federal, state, or local law

  • Activities that violates any College or Board of Regents policy

  • Activities that lead to the destruction or damage of equipment, software, or data belonging to others or the College

  • Circumventing information security controls of College IT resources

  • Releasing malware

  • Intentionally installing malicious software

  • Impeding or disrupting the legitimate computing activities of others

  • Unauthorized use of accounts, access codes, passwords, or identification numbers

  • Unauthorized use of systems and networks

  • Unauthorized monitoring of communications

 This list is not complete or exhaustive. It provides examples of prohibited actions. Any user in doubt about the acceptable use of ABAC IT resources should contact Office of Technology Services for further clarification and assistance at or 229.391.5400.

For full Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy please reference the Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College policy repository:  ABAC 11.3.1 - Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy